Emerging on the scene in 2009 out Poland comes the Death / Black Metal band
NORTHERN PLAGUE. These guys play a pretty even mix of new and old school Death
metal music. These guys have a crunchy old school Death Metal vibe that they merge with
a newer more aggressive and technical Death Metal sound. Then they take some cold harsh
old school Black Metal elements and mix it all in. The music itself leans more towards the
Death Metal side and has a strong European style to it that reminds me of a lot of the
bands coming out of the United Kingdom back in the '90's. There is a lot of melodic Death
Metal mixed in with more aggressive intense and some times down right brutal Death
Metal. I like how they take the faster passages and then break them up with a slower more
crawling pace and then slam you back into an aggressive wall of blasphemy. In the slower
more harsh and cold parts is where you can hear the Black Metal influences being more
present. The vocals are done in a mid ranged Death metal growl with some lower end
Death growls and harsher Black Metal growls mixed together. This is a very impressive
offering from these guys on their second outing. If you dig bands like
and MASTER all blended together
than your going to want to catch the