Hailing from Copenhagen , Denmark and spewing forth chaos since 2003 comes the
madness known as
NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR. These guys play a very chaotic, spastic
and dirty style of Death Metal music. This is not your typical Death metal band, because
they infuse elements of Crust, Grindcore & Punk Rock into their Death metal sound. The
music has a really gritty static Noisecore sound that is injected into their style as well. The
vocals are done in a harsh low to mid ranged scream growl style reminiscent of early Punk
and Hardcore bands. The rest of the music is done in a dark unpolished DIY style of Death
Metal, like most of the European Death Metal bands in the late 80's and early 90's. I grew up
listening to bands like this back in my skateboard days and  early Death Metal days and am
glad to see there are still some killer bands like this around. The CD is a compilation of
mostly the bands vinyl releases. This is a killer band that everyone should check out, but
only true old school die hard Death / Crust / Punk fans will love! Truly an amazing release
from start to finish! Crust lives!!!