Self Released

Do it Yourself (or for the initiated “D.I.Y.”) for this reviewer personally, is the ONLY
way to fly. With the help of the Internet, Do It Yourself-ers have been aided like never
before. Not being a huge fan of any kind of socially driven technology, I find this to be
one of the few benefits the Internet has bestowed upon the world. What tape trading was
in the 1980s (even though some of us still very happily participate in it today), the
Internet has multiplied tenfold or more. One such band using said technology to spread
their music is Malmo, Sweden’s
OBERION, who have released all of their music
independently, and in more recent years, digitally. Namely this album from 2014 and the
more recent “HOLLOW” from 2015. Forming in 2010, the band’s first officially released
material was however in the physical form of a mini CD called “THE DAY OF
LIBERATION”. “RETURN”, clocking in at more than 50 minutes, is certainly an
impressive album to start my own listening history with
OBERION. With the music
mostly mid to sub-fast paced,
OBERION stray from the obvious Swedish genre clichés
like the “Sunlight sound” or the “Gothenburg sound” by creating a surprisingly original
sounding album of melodic Death Metal with some ever so slight Black Metal influence.  
I mean, you can definitely name bands that have influenced their sound, but no
overwhelming specific band can be instantly named, by me anyway. If I was forced to
make a comparison, the closest I could come would most likely be to say that this band
would have fit in well with the
WRONG AGAIN RECORDS line up in the mid 1990s.
The aspect of
OBERION that’s immediately comparable is the melodic guitar harmonies
reminiscent of
.  Using these elements along side a general framework that isn't the
usual fast to really fast fare, stretches out the guitar harmonies, giving us listeners time to
soak it in and the pay off is worth it. Thinking back to those days, now almost twenty
years gone, the guitar work of bands like early
and so forth, was such a revelation, original and absolutely riveting. In
the decades since however, the description “melodic Death Metal” has become so
ubiquitous that the original spark in being referred to as “melodic Death Metal” has really
lost any serious “exclamation point”, at least in my case.
OBERION make me reminisce
that at one time, this kind of music really was important and ground breaking. It's
rewarding to see bands still being able to evoke those old feelings. The place I see most
reviewers really going for
OBERION’s soft underbelly, will be the production. It is the
production of a demo, but after all, it's an independently released album… Therefore A
DEMO!  Personally, the sound is more than acceptable and those wanting only polished,
overproduced  Death Metal, should just stick to buying their music at Hot Topic. Just as
an aside to my comments on the demo-ish production. I’m not certain whether or not this
has to do with the more primordial production or if there’s something else going on here
that I’m missing, but there’s a certain darkness to this recording that really boosts my
appreciation for “RETURN“. Just listen to the track “Memento Mori”. A monster of a
track as well! A solid chunk of PRE-UNIVERSAL, melodic Death Metal that has me
seriously jonesing for a dose of “Trail of Life Decayed” and “The Grief Prophecy” later
this evening!


                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe