Germany's almighty Death Metal legends OBSCENITY are back with their eighth studio
release entitled "ATROPHIED IN ANGUISH". This is the bands first release since 2006's  
"WHERE SINNERS BLEED". These Death Metal giants have been unleashing their brand
of madness since forming back in 1989. I have followed these guys for years now and each
new release becomes more aggressive, more technical & more brutal than the previous.
They have a very tight, technical Death Metal sound that does merge with some classic old
school Death Metal influences. The song writing abilities of these guys is definitely one of
the best in the underground Death Metal scene. Top notch, professional sounding Death
Metal at it's best.
OBSCENITY has a little bit of that classic Florida Death Metal sound
now, this maybe because of the addition of Jeff Rudes from Tampa, Florida on vocals. This
is the best I have heard them so far. I have always wondered why
much bigger in the Death Metal scene then they are. After one listen to this amazing new
album they are going to explode.
OBSCENITY has been doing for years what all these new
Death Metal & Deathcore bands are just starting to do. Germany used to be known for their
quality Thrash Metal bands in the 80's and 90's which has since lead to the amazing out pour
of great Death Metal bands and
OBSCENITY are definitely one of it's leaders. There's not
much more I can say to praise this band that will do them the justice they deserve, except,
get this album, crank it loud and let the music speak for itself. One of the best bands to ever
emerge out of Germany!!!