OFFENDING blasted out of France in 2002 and has not let up since. They have finally
crafted their form of brutal Death Metal music over the years. With their new release "AGE
OF PERVERSION" you can quickly hear why they are one of the best Death Metal bands
from France. They have a strong old school Death Metal vibe through out, but it is well
blended with more Modern Death Metal. They have a lot of well crafted song structures
that almost gives them a Progressive Metal sound at times. They even have a dark gloomy
feel that has a mix of Black Metal & Doom Metal. The music weaves it's way through these
different style with ease. These elements are slight and in no way dominate over the bands
brutal Death Metal foundation. The vocals is where some of these elements come in as well.
There are some thick and throaty Death Metal growls mixed with some darker Black Metal
growls and in the slower parts the vocals have a slight Doom Metal vibe to them.
OFFENDING proves themselves as one of the best at what they do with this new album!