Self Released

OGRE is a crushing Death Metal band hailing from Ireland. These guys started back in
1989 and released a few demos and a full length "DARK FILTH" in 1994. In 1998 the band
went on hiatus to The Age Of Interdimensional Travel And Cosmic Study. In 2013
returned and started work on "BASTARDS OF DEATH" which came out last year. The
band plays a very spastic and hyper active style of Death Metal music. They build off of
the old school Death Metal sound by adding in their own touches of madness. The album
focuses on the visions of mechanical madness and death that orchestrated in our near future
and try to prepare us for the Machine Apocalypse and the demise of all humanity. This is
portrayed very well in the thick and heaviness of their sound which makes you feel like
death and destruction our all around you. They go from some very fast paced passages that
beat the shit out of you and then pull you back into some dirty slow dirge and sludge like
parts. It's as if after they beat you to a bloody mess they want to let up and let you try to
grasp what the hell just happened to you. This is some of the best old school Death Metal
to ever come out of Ireland.
OGRE takes me back to the late '80's and early '90's when
everyone was tape trading with each other. If you like your Death Metal injected with tons
of Grindcore chaos and slow dirty Sludge and as you listen it makes you feel like am I
going to survive this, then your going to love
OGRE! I know I did! No go get this album!!!