Self Released

OLD PAGAN was formed back in 1996 by Machosias formerly of PAGAN WINTER.
The band is basically a one man project with session musicians for studio purposes. They
hail from Germany and play unpolitical Satanic Black Metal music. These guys have put
out a lot of releases over the years and have improved & progressed with each new release.
This time around they stick to what they are known for, cold harsh Black Metal music.
The music has an old school Black Metal feel, that is dirty raw and aggressive. It has some
haunting dark parts, but not slow and melodic. This is fast angry Black Metal at it's finest.
The vocals are done in a mid ranged to higher pitched harsh Black Metal screech and growl
style. Most Black Metal fans out there should already know of these guys and already
know what a great band this is. Just go pick up this release and their back catalog as well
and support this great Black Metal band!