Self Released

OLD PAGAN has released another CD, this time around a four track Demo CD entitled
"THIS IS SAARLAND BLACK METAL". Once again the band has showcased what a
great old school Black Metal band they are. This is the first release with a full line up of
musicians and probably one of the better releases they have put out, even though this is a
rough mix. They stick to what they are good at, old school Black metal. The music has a
dark cold and evil Satanic sound with harsh aggressive song structures. There is a bit more
static and tinge to the guitar sound this time around. There is also a more industrial type
vibe that comes through with the harshness and coldness of their sound. The vocals are a
bit more groggy Death / Black Metal growls with less higher pitched screams and
screeches. I would have to say the addition of a full line up has really helped improve on
the bands already great sound. Horns up! Hail Satan!