Another band in a long line of rapid fire, Death Metal at the extreme technical edge of the
genre is Oregon’s
OMNIHILITY. Formed in 2009 by Dan “The Impaler” Rabago and
Jeremy Leishman,
OMNIHILITY have released 3 full length albums, “DEATHSCAPES
OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS” being the second, having since released “DOMINION OF
MISERY" in 2016. Being familiar with their debut full length, “BIOGENESIS” from
2012, I see a steady beam between that album and this, not having changed style
whatsoever. There is a great deal of this form of fast, super-technical, blast beaten, brutal
Death Metal out and about anymore. The biggest downfall I see plaguing this end of the
Death Metal spectrum is the lack of heaviness in the polished production and smooth
technicality of the music. As on “BIOGENESIS”,
OMNIHILITY rise above it with some
really inspired, heavy riffing and by not losing too much in the song writing department
in an effort to make things all the more technical. Just check out the title track for any
questions on this. “DEATHSCAPES OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS” is hyper-fast and
blast beats are everywhere, but within this, there are “real” songs, not just a meaningless
collection of time changes and riffs. Also, helping a lot to further my opinion of this
particular band, is the presence of a drummer who can and who does succeed at
drumming outside of simple blast beats. In my mind, this form of Death Metal started
out with albums of  (later)
DEATH, PESTILENCE, ATHEIST and devolved into a
scene, seemingly based around the most complicated of song structure, blast beats and
only the most frenzied of fret board acrobatics. As someone who plays no instrument,
and listens to music for simply GOOD songs, sometimes this end of Death Metal simply
loses me. Much to their credit,
OMNIHILITY retain a good measure of both this genre-
specific technicality alongside solid Death Metal listen-ability. In addition they put
together a cohesive and obviously structured album of songs and concepts instead of
simply 35 plus minutes of unstructured, fast, blasting death. I think “DEATHSCAPES
OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS” (and “BIOGENESIS” too for that matter) would be a
sound investment for those into technical Death Metal from its early pioneers like
ATHEIST and (later) DEATH onward until the modern roster of labels like UNIQUE
and COMATOSE MUSIC. There’s something here for pretty much every
step of the extreme-technical, brutal Death Metal evolution.

                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe