Self Released

This five piece Slovenian Deathcore band started their reign of terror in 2012. This band
shows the world that they are a force to be reckoned with throwing in elements of Death
Metal and Groove. I think this band will fit right in to the modern style of extreme Metal
scene which is growing in popularity. "LIGHTHOUSE IN THE ABYSS" is an
independently released EP that was recorded between December of 2014 to March of
2015 at the
UNDER THE COOPS STUDIO 's. They have a great range with vocals
between the deep guttural vocals to a abrasive style of screaming. There is NO shortage
brutality and talent raising the eyebrows of the extreme Metal world. With the Death
Metal riffs, beat downs and insane blast beats that make them a perfect band to jump into
a mosh pit and go crazy while releasing your aggressions in a good way. This EP begins
with a melodic instrumental called  "Abortion 21122012" the track was named after the
actual date the band formed (12/21/2012) followed by six brutal tracks of extremely
intense assault of the senses that leave you for dead. The band's first single "The Cut"
which you can catch the video with lyrics on YouTube. But the first official video
released was from the track "Razoring Woods". You will need a lighthouse to find a way
out from the depths of hell. I really hope the band releases a follow-up to the EP soon.
Along the bloodstreams of


                                                                                        - Reviewed by Kevin Cressman