OSSELTION hails from Italy and formed back in 2006. This project was born from Ulag's
(from the bands
mind who does all the guitar, synth and voice work in the band. The band also features Grak
on bass & Ruglud (
FEASTING) on drums. This band is a bit of a strange project to me.
They definitely ground their feet in the Death Metal genre, but they add a lot more to give
their sound a bit of a unique touch. There are heavy influences of Thrash / Speed Metal
present all through out along with some slight Gothic elements as well. This only comes
through in some of the synth parts. The synth adds in some atmospheric overtones and at
times does have a Black Metal vibe. The Death Metal is a mixture of old school brutal raw
styles mixed with new school Tech Death styles. If this wasn't enough, they also add in
some Electro type influences too. This is where I think their sound threw me a little bit. I
was really digging these guys a lot, but the one thing that kind of did it, was the weird sound
of the snare drum. It kind of reminded me of when you hit a whiffle ball bat on the ground.
It had a odd hollowed out thud. When the drums dominated a part of the song is where you'd
hear it the most. Other than that, I thought these guys created a different and fresh style in
the sometimes burnt out and stale Death Metal genre.