OTARGOS, which means goat in ancient Greek, hails from France and play extreme Dark
Metal music. The band formed back in 2001 and has released ten albums since with
"APEX TERROR" being their newest. These guys combine elements of Black Metal,
Death Metal, Doom Metal & Gothic Metal all together to create their sound. The music is
very dark and dreary in a lot of places which leaves a haunting sound in your ears. They
probably are based in the Death Metal genre, but their sound is infused with the other
three styles all through out. There is a really thick full heaviness which gives it a Doom
Metal feel, but it's a bit faster like in Black Metal music. The really cold and harsher parts
is also where a lot of the Black Metal comes into play. They do slow things down slightly
and add a little more atmospheric parts in and this is where you can hear the Gothic Metal
influences surfacing. The more the album goes on though, the more brutal and haunting
the sound becomes. The vocals are a mixture of cleaner Black Metal vocals mixed with
groggy Black Metal growls and thick and throaty Death Metal growls. I could really see
fans of
getting heavily into these guys.
OTARGOS has been around for over ten years now and
they have really proven themselves with each new release advancing and improving with
an all out better release than the previous and definitely gives them a major spot in the
Black / Death Metal genre. Check these guys out, even if your not into the above bands,
because they will blow you away!