"KINGDOM OF SORROW" is the newest offering from the Irish Death Metal band
OVEROTH. This album was originally released in 2010 under the bands own label and
now re-released under
HOSTILE MEDIA. These guys have been pounding out the old
school Death Metal since 2005. With this re-release album they are giving the Death Metal
fans a taste of what is to come next as they prepare for their newest release. As stated, these
guys play old school Death Metal that sounds like '90's U.S. Death Metal. These guys
could fit in with any of the hot spot areas in the states that was dishing out many Death
Metal greats in the '90's. The music has a very tight and well structured sound that makes
them stand out more as much better band than most Death Metal bands from that time. The
music is very fast paced and aggressive, but at times they let up and slow things down a bit.
This is where some Thrash Metal influences come into play, especially in the guitar
arrangements. There is even some Black Metal like arrangements, because they are well
structured and very involved. If this is what
OVEROTH had to offer back in 2010 I can't
wait to see what they deliver us next! One of the best all around Death Metal bands out
there. If these guys emerged on the scene back in the '90's they would stand tall with