OZ formed back in the late seventies in Finland and quickly built a name for themselves
after their first release "HEAVY METAL HEROES" in 1982. The band went on to
release more albums until they broke up in 1991. In 2010 the band reformed and quickly
got to work on "BURNING LEATHER". The band has shown that after all these years
they have not missed a step and have continued on from where they left off. The band
plays Heavy Metal music with added extras of Power Metal and Thrash Metal mixed
within. There is a strong 80's Thrash Metal vibe to their sound that reminds me of bands
ANVIL, WHIPLASH, SAXON & early ANTHRAX. The band in no way sounds
dated, but their years of experience shows. The vocals of Ape DeMartini have a bit of
influence from Rob Halford of early
JUDAS PRIEST & Bruce Dickenson of early
IRON MAIDEN with touches of Ronnie James Dio during his RAINBOW days. This is
a very cool band from back in the day that many will be glad that they have reformed,
especially after they get done listening to this new album!