Starring: James Black, Tom Hoover, Bill Morrison, Michael Cagnoli, Lori Scarlett & more.

Two detectives are in search of the kingpin who is responsible for creating the toxic chemical called
OZONE that turns anyone who ingest it into the walking dead. He is trying to take over the crime
world, so he is injecting his enemies with this toxic drug to take them out. The problem is they are
coming back to life as crazed zombies and are looking to kill the kingpin. Within all this two
detectives are trying to stop the kingpin and now have to fend off the zombies as well. This was a
pretty weak film, but there are some cool zombie parts mixed through out. If your a true die hard
zombie fan you'll want to check this film out, but if you just like the occasional Horror flick, then
you'll want to avoid this movie.