"UNBEARABLE CONDITIONS" is the debut full length release from PANIKK out of
Slovenia. It seems like all these smaller and third world countries are the ones churning
out all the great Thrash Metal these days. I grew up with the first wave of Thrash Metal
back in the 80s and I'm loving this resurgence of all these new bands playing that classic
PANIKK has been around since 2008 and the band takes us straight back to that
day. They have that killer Bay Area Thrash metal sound with a little bit of that East
Coast attitude mixed in. In their music I kept hearing influences of
& VIO-LENCE with some slight touches of ANNIHILATOR
& OVERKILL thrown in. I loved the grooved up guitar riffs and the moshing circle pit
beats of the drums. If these guys were around in the 80s they would have been a huge hit.
The vocals are done in a mid ranged gritty Thrash Metal style that really reminded me of
bands like
FAITH OR FEAR, ATROPHY & FORBIDDEN a lot. One of the best new
bands out there playing Thrash Metal today. If your a big fan of Thrash Metal done right
and in that classic style then you need
PANIKK in your collection. A great combination
of Bay Area Thrash, Canadian Thrash, German Thrash all with an East Coast Thrash
attitude!!! I loved everything about these guys and can't wait to hear more from them!!!

                                                                                                - Reviewed By Burt Wolf