PANYCHIDA is a Pagan Metal band hailing from Czech Republic. These guys started
back in 2004 and have been pushing forward ever since. The is bound in the Pegan Metal
style but they add in lots of Black Metal, Death Metal and Heavy Metal into their
sound. The music has very aggressive and raw old school Black Metal feel, but the Pagan
and Death Metal has a more modern feel to it. There are some really strong song
structures and compositions that make them a stronger more powerful band playing this
style. The music at times has a bit of a Folk Metal and Epic Metal vibe to it. Harsh thick
Black Metal growls round out the bands sound to complete the Pagan Black Metal style.
These guys also add in some bagpipes and sing one song in old Slavonic language. The
album also contains a cover of a
RUNNING WILD song and two live tracks from when
the band played the Phantoms Of Pilsen Festival.
PANYCHIDA is a bit different from
most of the stuff I'm used to hearing from the Czech Republic, but it is a very welcomed