"THE 7TH OFFENSIVE" is the seventh full length release from Denmark's very own
PANZERCHRIST. These guys have been destroying the scene since 1993 and show no
signs of stopping. These guys play a mixture of Thrash / Death / Black Metal music that is
done in a war like manner. Their whole sound revolves around the battlefield and war like
subject matters. The band has gone through some changes over the years, some what due to
constant line up changes. This time around they have gotten a bit grittier and more raw
sounding. The album reminds me of a lot of the European bands I would get demos from
back in the early '90's. The guitar work is very, very precise and well structured. It's like
the Death Metal version of
from high speed Thrash Metal grooves into some all out Speed Metal shredding. Then they
will hit you with a wall of Death Metal mayhem. Some of the crusty guitar parts remind
me of old Black Metal bands from Europe. The drumming is where most of the Death
Metal elements come into play. They have a fast, aggressive double bass sound with some
gritty Black Metal blasts thrown in. The vocals is where the majority of the Black Metal
comes in. They are done in amid ranged Death / Black Metal growl style with some higher
pitched Black Metal screams mixed through out.
PANZERCHRIST is a band that most
Metal fans should already be familiar with, but if not, then you must get them in your
collection. On of the best bands out there to pull off the Thrash / Death / Black Metal