PERVERSION is a three piece Death Metal band from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
These guys formed back in 2006 and started playing gigs right away. They the released
their EP "THE ORIGINS OF HORROR" in 2008. After many more years of playing and
building up a strong following in their home country, they finally release their debut full
length "PILLARS OF THE ENLIGHTENED". This new release sees the band at it's
finest. They play an old school style of Death Metal music with a European feel. The
music is more in the vein of '90's European Death Metal and has a lot of Black Metal
elements present through out. They have a lot of dark and brooding atmosphere that kind
of gives their music a darker creepier feel. They have a bit of a gritty and dirty edge to their
music as well. The Death Metal parts are fast and aggressive with a really thick low end
sound. There is a really cool chugging in their guitar sound that tends to kick in with all the
blast beats. They remind me of a lot of the stuff I would hear coming out of Russia and
Czech Republic in the mid '90's. These guys have definitely taken it back to the old school
and they do it better than a lot of those bands from that time. If your a fan of old school
brutal Death Metal that is infused with Black Metal elements and has a European feel then
you must pick up this amazing album from