"OBSIDEO" is the newest offering from the great PESTILENCE. PESTILENCE
originally formed back in 1986 out of The Netherlands as a Thrash Metal band. As the
years went on and the band progressed they morphed into a full fledged Death Metal
band. The band broke up back in 1994. In 2008 the band was reborn and they have
released three full lengths since. "OBSIDEO" see's the band doing what they do best and
that's play old school '90's Death Metal music. Even though they are from Europe, these
guys have more of a '90's Floridian Death Metal sound that reminds me of the greats from
back then that dominated the scene like
& DEICIDE. Their sound has a very tight and thick, pulse pounding
driving sound. They have added in some more technical aspects that go along great with
their massive brutal sound. The intricate guitar work here really makes them stand out
from a lot of their fellow Death Metalers from this time. The vocals are done in a  mid
ranged thick Death Metal growl style.
PESTILENCE has always been one of those great
Death Metal bands that really stood out for me, because even though they were playing a
coming style and sound they always added something more to make them stand out
amongst the crowd. "OBSIDEO" is probably the band at their best and takes me back to
which are my two favorite albums from these guys. If your into any of the above bands
and dig the old school '90's Death Metal sound, you probably already know all about
PESTILENCE, but if not, then you must pick up this amazing album as well as their
back catalog. One of the greatest bands ever of this genre and in my opinion, one of the
pioneers in the scene that don't get enough credit that they deserve!