PHINEHAS is a Metalcore band hailing from California. These guys have been tearing up
stages all over with their crushing sounds. They are not the typical Metalcore act though.
These guys add a lot more variety to the beaten down stale Metalcore sound. They have
that killer Hardcore grooving style that runs through their music. They then add in some
intricate guitar work that goes from fast paced shredding, melodic crystal clear passages
and then into a chugging Hardcore rhythm. The music changes paces a lot through out each
song. They will hit you with a wall of ballistic chaos that just steamrolls you over and then
pick you back up and takes you through a melodic smooth part and flips you back into
some fast paced mayhem. There are a lot of change ups, tempo changes, breakdowns and
stop and start parts as well. The vocals are done in a mid ranged harsh Hardcore scream
style with some lower ended Death growls and some melodic clean vocals. I liked when
they would have the clean vocals and screams / growls over lapping each other. The only
thing I can get, which i have always said, is that i don't know how Christian bands can
scream and yell so aggressive and pissed off sounding, but talking about the love of Christ
in their lyrics. Regardless of what they sing about, these guys are highly talented musicians
and a killer band that everyone should check out!