I hope that just about everyone reading this already knows of the great PHOBIA. Orange
County, California's
PHOBIA have been pummeling us with their crushing music since
1990. They play Crust / Grindcore styled music but add in a lot more to make them rise
above the majority of the bands playing this genre. They add in touches of Punk, Hardcore,
Death Metal and Noisecore. The Punk influences come in play in their lyrical themes and
the bands over all attitude has an old school Punk Rock angst feel that was present in
Punks early days of the 70's. The Hardcore is present in the way some of the songs are laid
out. They have that mid 80's and early 90's Hardcore feel to them. The Death Metal is old
school brutal Death Metal from the early 90's era. The hole thing is covered with noisy
Grind / Crust in it's rawness and dirtiness. They remind me of a lot of the bands I was
listening to back in the late 80's and early 90's when I first started skateboarding. The
spastic vocals are done in a screaming Grind, yelling Crust / Hardcore and growling Death
Metal. There is a reason why this band has been around for so long and "REMNANTS OF
FILTH" is yet another piece of proof! In Grind we Crust!!!