Self Released

PHOBOUS is a one man Black Metal band from California and is the brain child of
Donald Schieck. Donald started this band back in 2000 and at the time it was only a
concept. As time went on it became more and more a reality. Donald does all the work
from writing, performing and producing the music. He is a one man wrecking crew. The
music he has created is done in a Symphonic Black Metal style with lots of Death Metal
elements scattered through out. The music is well written and professionally performed. It
takes me back to some of the early European Black Metal bands playing symphonic
Metal in the '90's. The Death Metal influences also remind me of a lot of the great Death
Metal bands of the early '90's with a blend of European and Floridian Death Metal styles.
The music takes you from some dark and gritty Black Metal passages that reminded me of
Black Metal bands coming out of Greece, France and Italy in the '90's. Then he takes
elements of Symphonic and more modern Norwegian, Finnish & Swedish Black Metal and
blends them together. Donald's vocals are done in a crossover style of low ended Death
Metal growls mixed with groggy Black Metal growls. This is one highly talented musician
that the more I listened the more amazed I was. "ETHEREAL PERCEPTION" came out
in 2011, but was just sent to me last year, so hopefully there is another album in the
works that will see the light of day soon. Extremely gifted and talented musician that
everyone should check out, especially Black Metal fans!