Self Released

PHOBOUS is a killer one man project from Campbell, California and is the brain child
of Donald Schieck. Donald does everything for this project from the vocals, guitars, bass,
keyboard & drum programming. He also does all the music, lyrics & artwork. This is one
amazingly talented guy. The music is done in a Death / Black Metal style. The majority
of the music leans towards the Black Metal side, but the Death Metal is definitely
present through out. The Black Metal is done in a more symphonic style that adds in lot
of atmosphere and depth to the sound. The music is well thought out an crafted that even
though it fits in a certain genre, it stands out amongst all the other bands of the same
style. The Black Metal does have a very Pagan and Wiccan type feel to it as well. The
faster more aggressive parts is where most of the Death Metal influences come in. There
are harsh and gritty Death growls mixed with some slightly melodic ones. The colder
vocals have a European Black Metal vibe to them. In fact the whole thing has a European
Black Metal feel, like a lot of the bands that hail from Sweden, Finland, England &
Norway. It's hard to believe that one man can have this much talent and create something
so involved, well constructed and performed that most bands with three to five members
can't even create. Donald's last release "ETHEREAL PERCEPTION" was a great release
and I think "REALM OF DISORDER" goes beyond that and showcases the talent he
possesses! This is a must for fans of both Death and Black Metal to check out!

                                                                                                 - Reviewed by Burt Wolf