9th Meridian Records

PICTURE ANN is yet another solo project by J.N. who plays in the band
SAGNTID.The music on this project is stuff he has created intuitively and on the spur
of the moment. The music doesn't fit any of his other projects at all. This music has a
very dark and dreary feel to it and is done in a Black Metal mixed with Gothic Metal
style. The passages are a bit creepy at times and would best fit as the soundtrack for
many of Horror films, especially the
HAMMER FILMS of the seventies. There are
some vocals on here as well that are done in a spoken word style with a graspy Black
Metal vibe. This is a killer project that is nice to listen to when I want something other
than blasting spastic Death or Black Metal. You can tell that J.N. is influenced by
BURZUM, from listening to some of these songs. Give this a spin and find yourself
falling into the dark trance that the music brings on.