Self Released

PICTURE ANN is a one man solo project from J.N. who also plays in SAGNTID. This
is music he has done that does not fit in with the style of music that his other band plays.
The music here is done in an Ambient Black Metal style. The music is very dark and
dreary sounding through out and at times has a gloomy almost funeral Metal like sound.
There is a strong balance between the dark and beautiful in the music. It reminds me of the
Vampire version of music. There is something that draws you in that is attractive and
appealing, but is also dark, evil and scary at the same time. The vocals are done in a lower
toned voice and are almost a Gothic spoken word style. This is some very killer stuff that
will appeal to fans of Doom / Black & Gothic Metal fans. I believe that J.N. has done all
the instruments, vocals, lyrics and arrangements himself. Check this cool mini
E.P. out!