Starring: Candace McKenzie, Lewis Van Bergen, Ivan Gueron, Thomas Wagner & more.

Now you know from the films title that your not going to get a high grade Horror flick here, but
more of a fun, just for the Hell of it low budget Horror movie. That's just what it is. Jennifer is an
attorney who returns home after a long day in court. She brings home some evidence with her, one
thing being a wooden puppet. Her daughter finds the puppet and believes it to be her birthday gift.
She starts playing with it and just loves it to death. This is when the puppet comes to life and
starts wreaking havoc and killing anyone it can. A lot of this film tries to play like a
film and it's star Chucky, but it comes off more as a big laugh. There aren't any real scary
parts and plays more like a comedy or parody of the demonic toys or dolls type films. It's an OK
film for at least one viewing and would probably be better with a bunch of friends and some beers.