Starring: Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Linda Harrison, Maurice Evans & more.

This  movie is about a team of astronauts set out into space & they crash land on a planet 2000
years in the future. They look for any form of life they can & find out that humans are the lower life
form on the planet. The planet is run by apes & they are the most intelligent species too. They hunt
& capture humans for fun & try to study them. Charlton Heston character tries to work with them
& figure out where he is. He is the only human who can talk & therefore they believe he is some
kind of scientific experiment mutant. He rebels against the apes & discovers he is actually on planet
earth & humans have destroyed themselves!!! This was a little slow for this time, but it was
definitely good & ahead of it's time for 1968!!!