Self Released

PLUTONIUM hails from Sweden and has been unleashing their brand of Industrial Black
Metal since 2003. These guys have been putting out some good releases over the years
and each new one trumps the last. They play a dark and cold style of Black Metal that is
injected with loads of Industrial elements through out. The Industrial is not like the
current style of Industrial everyone is familiar with these days. This is gritty, harsh and
cold, very cold feeling. They remind me of a lot of the early European Black Metal bands,
with touches of early MINISTRY, SKIN CHAMBER & GODFLESH mixed in. I love
the really harshness of their sound, which is through out the whole album. The guitars
have that cold tinge to them that stands right between Black Metal and Industrial, this is
what really defines the bands sound a lot. The drums are done in a very in organic style
that are programmed, but don't sound like they are. The vocals are done in a harsh, groggy
and throaty Black Metal style for the majority and then there are some hallowed cold
Industrial type vocals mixed in. Every time I listen to
PLUTONIUM I get that cold
feeling of sitting somewhere like Russia or the Ukraine in the rubbles of a blown up or
burnt down building in some abandoned forgotten city. J. Carlsson does all the
instruments, vocals and programming for the release.
PLUTONIUM is one of those bands
that really leaves an impression on you after listening to them. "BORN AGAIN
MISANTHROPE" is by far the bands best release to date. I loved every minute of it! A
must have for all Black Metal fans!!! PLUTONIUM

                                                                                                   - Reviewed by Burt Wolf