"THE FATAL ERECTION YEARS" is the newest in a series of re-issues of their albums
being put out by
SOUTHERN LORD RECORDS. I was a little surprised to find these
guys on
SOUTHERN LORD, being that they are an old school Punk / Hardcore band &
SOUTHERN LORD is mostly known for Doom, Drone, Black, Stoner Metal bands. I am
very pleased though, cause I was heavily into Punk / Hardcore back in my skateboard days of
the eighties. I used to borrow stuff from a lot of my friends and
POISON IDEA was one of
those bands. I had some of this stuff on cassette & record (what's that stuff?) but they are
long gone.
POISON IDEA was one of the leading American Hardcore / Punk bands of those
days that held the flag high for spastic dirty raw D.I.Y. Punk / Hardcore. This release is a
compilation of releases that were put out on the bands own
back in the eighties. The compilation includes the "PICK YOUR KING" 7 inch, "RECORD
COLLECTORS ARE PRETENTIOUS ASSHOLES" & four other compilation tracks from
that time. Exclusive to this release is a live show from Portland in 1983 featuring nineteen
tracks of pure Punk Rock mayhem! After one listen to this album I really miss the old days
when everything was truly underground and you had to really search to find some killer
bands. This is a great release for all die hard Punk / Hardcore fans and of course fans of the
POISON IDEA, who are still going strong today!