PRELUDIUM is a crushing Death Metal band hailing from Poland. These guys have been
kicking around the underground scene since 1999. "REDEMPTION" is the release that
really should give them more exposure and bring them to more people around the world.
They play an old school style of Death Metal music with some touches of new school
mixed within. The newer influences are just in some of the arrangements of the songs.
They go from all out blasting blasphemy into a slower more dreary grooved out part and
then back again to the mayhem. There is a thick dark sound that blankets most of their
music and has an almost Black Metal influence to it. These guys definitely have that
European Death Metal sound that was popular in the early 2000's but they have taken it
and injected some more flavor and style to make it their own. The vocals done by Ion have
a mid ranged groggy Death growl style mixed with some throaty and scratchy Black Metal
growls. These guys would please any fan of old school Death Metal and bands like
. These are the big names of the genre and PRELUDIUM should be right next to
them!!! An amazing release from start to finish. Get it now!!!