Hailing from Indianapolis, Indian comes the tech Death Metal band PRIMORDIUM.
The band has been together since 2011 and "AEONIAN OBSOLESCENCE" is the bands
debut release, which came out in 2014. It is hard to believe this is the bands only release.
They play as if they have been doing this for decades. I like the fact they have taken the
old school brutality that came with the emergence of Death Metal in the 90's and made it
their own. Part of the reason they have done this is by adding in the technical Death
Metal elements. The music is supper fast and ultra tight and aggressive as hell. It was
burning me out trying to keep up. John Kings drumming is some of the best and most
complex I have heard in the Death Metal scene today. These guys have an amazingly
killer sound that would pull in fans of the old and new schools of Death Metal. I think
the band is currently going through some member changes and this could be the hold up
of the next release. This album is only six tracks with one being an intro and another
being an instrumental. If this is what they have to offer right out of the gate I can't wait
to see what they give us next! These guys will become huge in the underground scene if
they can find musicians that can hold up to level of John & Steele. A must for fans of

                                                                                               - Reviewed by Burt Wolf