Starring: Donald Pleasence, Jameson Parker, Victor Long, Lisa Blount, Alice Cooper & more.

I was actually looking forward to checking out this movie. It's a John Carpenter film so it couldn't be
too bad right? The movie is about a group of people who find a mysterious fountain in the basement
of a church. The fountain drips some weird green glowing ooze. The ooze supposedly possess the
soul of Satan. The ooze takes over the bodies of some of the people in the church. It controls some
of the people to attack & kill other people. The people they kill turn to zombies & come back to life
& invade the church. The story was a bit weak & the acting wasn't the greatest either. Donald
Pleasence was the best as the priest & there is a few parts with a homeless guy played by Alice
Cooper. There were a few cool gore parts, but over all this wasn't one of John Carpenter's best