When listening to a band called PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT you can almost
guess what to expect. If your thinking of brutal and grisly Death metal, then you would be
correct. These guys come to us from The Netherlands and do play some straight forward
intense and brutal Death Metal, but it wasn't always that way. These guys started out
playing more of a low ended Death metal style with some Grindcore elements mixed in.
Over the years and the progression on for the band they have merged into a more modern
version of themselves. The music is still gritty, bloody and brutal as hell, but with a
different sound. They have taken some elements of some old school Death Metal bands,
especially bands from the Swedish and Florida Death Metal scenes and added in some
European dirty madness. These guys used to go all over the place while staying in their
own genre and still do, but not to as much extreme. The music is lower to mid ranged
Death Metal that goes into some classic Death / Thrash crossover styles, especially in the
guitar work and then shoots you into a hyper speed Death / Grind crossover style,
especially in the blast beat drumming. I liked the contrast of styles and think it gives them
a more stand out and fresh style than a lot of bands out there. Did they do this better and
stand out more in the early days like on "EMBALMED MADNESS", yes, but they are
still doing it now on "FROM CROTCH TO CROWN". The vocals vary from time to time
and not as much as before too. They go from mid ranged thick Death growls to harsher
throaty Death growls to low ended Death gurgles. Do I prefer the old over the new, maybe
just a little, but as long as I get my fill of
happy. I feel the changes the band has made are good for the band to advance and feel that
"FROM CROTCH TO CROWN" is another fine addition to the bands already incredible
catalog of musical madness. These guys crush it on many levels and every Death Metal
collection needs at least, if not all, their releases in it. One bloody good band!!!