Most fans in the Metal community should already be familiar with PROTOTYPE. These
guys have been around since 1994 and have been creating some of the best Progressive
Thrash Metal music in the scene. The band was formed out of the ashes of the Los Angeles
Thrash Metal band
PSYCHOSIS, by founding members Kragen Lum (guitar) and Vince
Levalois (vocals, guitar). I have been a big fan of these guys from their early days and have
actually become good friends with Kragen over the years. I helped distributed the bands
releases on my distribution label in their early days and am glad to see these guys to
continually be getting the much need and deserved attention. "CATALYST" is the bands
newest release on
NIGHTMARE RECORDS and is far beyond what they have released in
the past. They play a combination of old school Thrash Metal mixed with Modern
Progressive Metal music. There is a ton of Progressive passages and arrangements from the
song writing of Kragen & Vince that really helps propel these guys to the top of the
Progressive Metal scene. The guitar work has a really cool crushing and shredding old
school Thrash Metal that takes you back to the early days of the Bay Area Thrash scene.
Adding in lots of Prog arrangements to the guitars gives them that extra added punch to
make them stand out amongst others in their genre. Vince's vocals also give the band more
flavor and originality, from the more mid ranged melodic Prog Rock to faster more
aggressive Prog Thrash Metal and even  some slightly Death Metal growls at times. Kragen
& Vince are the heart of this band and as long as these two stay together to create more &
more music
PROTOTYPE will just continue to progress and become the true power house
that they are of the Prog Thrash Metal scene. Fans from 80's Heavy Metal & Thrash Metal
all the way up to todays Progressive Metal and Death Metal will find a lot to enjoy about
this amazing band.
PROTOTYPE has continued to out do themselves with each new release
and "CATALYST" is more proof of that! A must have for every Metal fans collection!