I was very pleased when I found the new PSYCHO album in my review pile. I have been
a fan of these guys for years and used to write to my old bud Charlie Infection years ago,
before the Internet, when you actually had to right a letter and mail it out at the post
office. Boy am I old, right? Anyway,
PSYCHO is a spastic Grindcore / Punk / Crust
band from Boston and "CHAINSAW PRIEST" is the bands first release in over twenty
years. They play an old school style that has a Crossover feel to and it runs through a lot
of their songs. There is a lot kind of feedback type guitar sound, which is natural with
Grindcore bands. The difference between these guys are that they are spastic and crazy
enough Grindcore, but hold it back enough to have that Punk edge and Crust feel all
through out. The guitars have a bit of a Thrash / Hardcore grooved out sound at times,
that brings visions of many circle pits with fists flying, legs kicking and heads banging.
I'm glad to see Charlie and the boys are back in action and would love to one day see this
amazing band live. If you dig bands like
& ANAL CUNT then you'll dig PSYCHO. If you have never heard these
guys before than pick up "CHAINSAW PRIEST" and go
PSYCHO!!! Highly, highly
recommended!!! Get it now!!!