Self Released

PSYCHONAUT from Australia is back after a long silence! "SHOCK EM DEAD!"
is the bands second release and first since their 2004 debut "MASTERS OF
PROCRASTINATION". If your a Metal fan of all different genres then
PSYCHONAUT is your band. These guys some how combine elements of Power Metal,
Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Rock all together and do it with ease. Their
music has a really cool combination of old and new school. The guitar sound is where you
hear a lot of the Power, Speed & Thrash Metal influences coming into play. At times
they mix these styles all together and others, one style will dominate. In the more grooved
out parts is where the Thrash Metal dominates and in the solos is where Power & Speed
Metal are at the fore front. In the drums you can hear a blend of Death Rock music, that
reminded me of the bands
DEBAUCHERY & ENTOMBED. In the vocals they blend all
these styles together. They range from higher more melodic Power Metal to mid ranged
harsh Thrash vocals down to low ended Death growls. This is definitely a Metal heads
dream band because they have a little bit of everything and they pull it of with great skill.
A must hear band!!!