PSYCHOTIC GARDENING is a Metal genre crushing band out of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada. These guys have been destroying the boundaries in the Metal community since
1995. They're sound spans over Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal,
Doom Metal and sometimes Gothic Metal. They have done some experimenting with these
styles through out the music they have created over the years. On "HYMNOSIS', the
bands fourth full length album, they have gone more towards a Death Metal style. The
band has based their sound on this album in Death Metal, but there are still elements of
Black Metal and Doom Metal present all through out. The faster and more grooved out and
shredding guitars have a kind of Thrash Metal vibe to them, but they are laced with Black
Metal grittiness and coldness. The slower more creeping passages tend to have a Doom
Metal feel to them, that slowly push forward. When they are in this sound, but done at a
faster and raw style is where the Black Metal dominates their sound. The vocals is where
all these styles are combined together and pulls everything together into one entity. There
are fast paced Death Metal growls, lower ended Black Metal grows with higher Black
Metal screams and mid tempo Doom Metal throaty growls. If you a fan of the extremer
side of the Metal genre then
PSYCHOTIC GARDENING has everything your looking
for. Canada keeps on spewing out crushing, well talented and extremely good Metal bands
PSYCHOTIC GARDENING is definitely one of them. Every Metal fan should pick
this up and play it loud and often! It will surely piss off the neighbors!!!