You know what is one of the greatest things about being a fat, old Death Metal fan, as
myself, in this day in age is?  So many great old bands reforming and the unbelievable
fact, that some of the bands are coming out with some of the best material of their career. I
was lucky enough to find the double CD version of this band’s newest work at the
greatest record store here in Pittsburgh.  It took a total of 3 seconds for me to decide and
buy it.  Being a fan of this band since the legendary split LP with
back almost a quarter century ago, being able to witness a rebirth such as this, is indeed a
pleasure. One of the biggest pitfalls in this age of band’s rekindling their mangled and
twisted pasts, as I see it, is that you get a band that was so sickeningly raw and  horribly
fresh, twenty-some years ago, coming out with some over-polished pile of bullocks now.  
This is EXACTLY where
EXULCERATION spilt LP in 1991 being titled “PREMATURE NECROPSY“, for
those keeping score at home) comes through loudest and sickest!!!  These guys haven’t
lost a step.  Its raw, its sick, the production is much better, but it fails to hide the morbid
intent existing on ancient recordings dating back almost to the dawn of the original Death
Metal boom.  All of the greatness of “SYMPHONIES OF SICKNESS” era
and the CHUNK, CHUNK, CHUNK of countless long lost gods of early 1990s European
Death / Grind (
DISEMBOWEL (Holland) especially comes to mind immediately), are
here. We also have great bits here like properly ground up and spit out version of the
STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH classic “Freddy Krueger” (on the physical CD
version, at least), followed by what sounds like a Grindcore version of “Walk This Way”
AEROSMITH, (but I could be wrong on this one) and vocal contributions by
Stephane Buriez of French Death Metal greats,
LOUDBLAST. Additionally, as if this
awesome return to form isn’t enough,
KAOTOXIN is rolling out the red carpet, releasing
this on CD, digital and special limited edition double CD with a bonus disc consisting of
the “OBSCURUM PER OBSCURIOUS” tracks from 1992, the “UNFORMED” demo
1991, and of corpse, the all important “PREMATURE NECROPSY” tracks from 1991 as
well.  If you can find this double CD version, GET IT!!!!! If you even remotely consider
yourself a fan of old school Death / Grind and want to hear a classic band that hasn’t been
reincarnated as some virtuosity-infested act trying to cash in on old glories, go out of your
way to get “MATURE NECROPSY” on whatever format you can.

                                                                                         - (Reviewed by Keith Dempe)