QUESTION is a newer band to emerge from the depths of Mexico. Theses guys have
been tearing it up for roughly five years now and quickly making a name for themselves.
"DOOMED PASSAGES" is the bands debut release and what a release it is. They play
Death Metal music, but have a bit of a different sound. They do pull some influences
from old school Death Metal, especially '90's era, but they add in some other stuff as
well. There are some Thrash Metal influences, especially coming out in some of the guitar
work. It is more like a Crossover Death / Thrash style, with the Death dominating, but in
the shredding parts you can definitely hear the Thrash elements. They also have this
really dark and brooding vibe that hangs over their sound all through out. It almost sounds
like an old school European Black Metal feel. They do stay mostly in the Death Metal
genre, but these elements do give them a bit of a different sound. It's almost like
& NIDEN DIV. 187 all form one band together and
drew in the sounds of their main bands. These guys are definitely a band to keep an eye
on, because if this is what they are giving us on their first outing, I can't wait to see what
they have next. Get this one now and crank it!!!