Self Released

RE-ARMED is a five piece Death / Thrash Metal band from Kerava, Finland. These
guys emerged on the scene back in 2001 and have released a slew of demos and two full
lengths over the years. "TOTAL LACK OF COMMUNICATION" is the bands newest
offering, which is a three track EP. This is just to hold us over until their next full length
release. The band plays a mix of old school Death Metal with new school Thrash Metal
perfectly blended together. The music is very heavy and groove oriented, but they also
have a some what technical side. I loved the balance of the two styles. The guitar work
was killer and hate a cool clean Speed Metal style mixed with a dirty Thrash Metal style.
I love how it would chug along and would definitely get any pit going. The drummer, Iiro
Karjalainen style reminded me of Charlie Benante of
ANTHRAX a bit. In my opinion,
one of the best Metal drummers ever. The Thrash style had a bit of a
vibe during "THE GATHERING" era. The vocals mix throaty harsh Thrash with
melodic Death growls. This is one killer band who needs to be heard and well supported,
because they should be much more well known in the Metal community. If you mix
classic Thrash Metal bands
CHILDREN OF BODEM, IN FLAMES & ENTOMBED you'd get some idea of how
RE-ARMED is. The only thing I didn't like is, it was too few songs. I want more,
lots more!!!

                                                                                                - Reviewed by Burt Wolf