"PROMO 2014"
Self Released

RECUEIL MORBIDE is a French Death Metal band that has been crushing ears and
pounding faces since 2000. These guys play a killer old school French Death Metal style
with tinges of Black Metal mixed within. This promo release contains four tracks from their
2015 release "MORBID COLLECTION". The music is ultra tight and ultra fast sounding
Death Metal that takes from the early days of European Death Metal. There is a colder and
harsher feel to their music than American Death Metal. It is more straight up raw and in
your face than more modern Death Metal as well. There is the feel of the old demo tapes
from back in the late '80's and early '90's when I was doing tape trading with a lot of bands
from all over the world. The guitar work has that colder and crunchy sound that slices
through your ear drums, but keeps you wanting more. The drums are hyper fast blasting
double bass beats that never let up. Jerome Merckle's vocals are done in a mid ranged thick
Death growl style with the occasional higher pitched almost Black Metal growl mixed in.
These guys are exactly what I would think of when I think about French Death Metal.
They are an absolute must fro fans of
& NECROBLASPHEME. I don't think this
promo was available to the public, but I know that their 2015 "MORBID COLLECTION"
with these songs is available so go get it now and blast this one as loud as you can!