Self Released

REDCODE REVOLUTION is a very cool Electrocore Metal band out of Germany. The
band is founded and the soul member is Alexandre Morte, best know for his Death Metal
DIEHARD & ERA HEX. Alexandre is a well known & talented musician in
Germany and has many other side project besides the above mentioned. He has also lent his
musical talents to other people as a freelance composer. Is there anything this amazing
musician can't do.
REDCODE REVOLUTION is more of an Industrial & Electronica
Metal project than his other bands. I like the fast paced upbeat, but cold and dark feel that
the music had all through out. I could see this music being played in some dark New Wave /
Gothic underground club some where in Europe. There is a strong aggressiveness in the
music that drives the sound. Alexandre's vocals are done in a gritty rough Hardcore style that
reminded me of Al Jergensen from
MINISTRY a lot mixed with the guys in BILE. I'm not a
huge fan of Electronica music, but when it's dirty, gritty and as good as this, I can't help but
listen to it over and over again. The only problem with this release, which is the same I had
with the
ERA HEX release is that it's only three tracks. I want more! Alexandre, you must
hit me up when you have new material, because I loved these releases! Praise this talented
man and support all his amazing projects!