REIGN OF VENGEANCE hail from Arizona and play a crushing Death / Thrash Metal
style of music. They used to be more of a brutal old school Death Metal band, but have
gone through some changes over the years. The old school Death Metal elements are still
present in their sound, but they are balanced out by lots of Thrash Metal elements now.
The band has a very killer grooved out sound that reminds me of a lot of the bands from the
late '80's and early '90's when these two styles were first merging. I really like the technical
sound they mix in with all the brutality a lot. The guitar work is where most of the Thrash
grooves come into play. The blasting drum beats are the back bone of the band and have a
fast paced driving sound. My favorite part of the bands sound was actually the vocals. The
vocals combine old school Thrash Metal vocals with low ended Death growl styled vocals.
There are a lot of Crossover styles out there, but these guys may be one of the leaders of
the Death / Thrash Crossover style. Not many bands can pull this off, but these guys do it
with ease. Think of
CARCASS during their "HEARTWORK" days, but with more Thrash
Metal mixed in!