Coming from my own side of the Keystone Stone, come Erie, Pennsylvania’s
. They present us today with their debut full length album “DARK
TALES OF FORGOTTEN MINDSCAPES”, which was preceded by the "FUNERAL
FOR FUTILITY" demo in 2010 and two EPS, one in 2011 and one in 2013.
play a sorrowful doom filled blend of avant-garde Death Metal, a niche
within the Death Metal genre I've always had a great affinity for. Instantly early
and ANATHEMA comparisons can be rightfully made. Mournful Doom
/ Death with lush guitar harmonies make the majority of this album a Doom / Death Metal
traditionalist’s dream. The heaviness of the “doom” qualifier is pretty spot on throughout
the record as on the heaviness meter, this thing contains a healthy dose of this. The
progressive nature of the music though takes this outside the realm of simply Doom /
Death, as a lot of this album almost sounds like mid-tempo Death Metal played on a
slower speed. This adds a great deal to the heaviness factor, both in production and in
atmosphere. A down-tuned, strangulated, claustrophobia is generated that I find really
unique and incredibly useful. I've always appreciated bands that can create atmosphere
without having to hire the Vienna Boys Choir and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra
to assist them.  
REQUIEM FOR OBLIVION do this, and do it well. As far as I can tell,
all that is at work here is your traditional guitar / bass / drum/vocal array coupled with a
delightfully muddy production, which only enhances the atmosphere herein. There are
occasional whirlwinds of guitars and tempos here and there. “Thinking Of Death” opens
up a few small, fleeting portals of simple progressive-type guitar passages, but its
subsequently, almost literally, SMASHED by the Doom.  Which only puts a huge
exclamation mark on the heaviness that “DARK TALES OF FORGOTTEN
MINDSCAPES” embodies. At other times this album almost works up into a fast-paced
frenzy which never lasts long, but for a few brief moments we get to see what
could do with a “fast” Death Metal song. It is telling and it only
furthers my opinion for this, the first material I've ever heard them. An alternating team of
clean and Death Metal vocal deliveries works really well too, and this coming from
someone who normally is never that crazy about the use of both clean and Death Metal
vocals in the same song. I was impressed the whole way through, but there were a couple
REAL highlights here.  “Thinking Of Death” is far and away my favorite song on this
record. The skill at which this band uses the sonic clash between the progressive and the
downtrodden to amp up the heaviness is a master-class lesson for Doom / Death Metal
bands to follow. Honestly, reading the band described as “progressive” Death Metal while
studying up on this was a HUGE misnomer. Looking at them being described, before
hearing them, made me think of some generic Death wannabes, but that couldn't be further
from the truth. This is first class, heavy, Doom / Death Metal that walks its own path and
for this,
REQUIEM FOR OBLIVION can honestly count me as a fan.

                                                                                              - Reviewed by Keith Dempe