Straight out of Germany comes old school Death Metal delivered by REVEL IN FLESH.
These guys play old school Death Metal and they do it better than a lot of the originators
of the genre. They play a gritty raw and gore filled style of Death Metal that reminds me
of a lot of the stuff coming out of Florida in the late 80's and early 90's. It has that Florida
Death Metal feel, but throws in a lot of 90's European Death Metal as well. The music is
very aggressive in parts, but then in others has a slower more grooved out style. The
vocals are a mid ranged Death Metal growl style that sometimes leans into Grindcore. As
mentioned before, a lot of bands are playing the old school style of Death Metal again and
I'm loving it. I grew up listening to that stuff and am glad to see more bands going in that
REVEL IN FLESH are one of those bands that could lead the pack in the
resurgence of old school Death Metal bands!