REVELER is a five piece Metalcore band from Beckly, West Virginia. These guys formed
back in early 2012 and have quickly built a fan base in the Metalcore and Post Hardcore
community. These guys play a very modern form of Metalcore music. They have some
straight forward all out aggressive parts along with some more slowed down and melodic
parts as well. They take things from a technical aspect straight into pure brutality. There is
more variety in their sound then in most Metalcore bands you find today. This could be
from the addition of the Post Hardcore elements they have mixed through out. These come
about when they slow things down a bit and get more melodic sounding. There are a lot of
catchy hooks and breakdowns all through out as well. The vocals follow the same path as
the music. They go straight into an aggressive harsh Death Metal type growl mix in some
harsher Hardcore type screams and then top it off with some melodic Post Hardcore type
vocals. More modern Metalcore fans will really be into these guys, while early 2000's
Metalcore fans might not be as much. If you dig you Metalcore with some variety and Post
Hardcore elements then you'll love these guys! I'm not a big fan of the whole Post Hardcore
scene, but i dig these guys a lot! Check them out!