RISING hails from Copenhagen, Denmark and plays Sludge / Doom Metal music. They
started back in 2008 and released two EP's and two full lengths, the newest one being
"ABOMINOR". These guys have a very thick and grooved out style of Sludge / Doom
Metal. I would say they lay a little bit more on the Sludge Metal style, just because of the
gritty dirty vibe their music has. They incorporate many Death Metal elements in their
sound as well. The faster more aggressive parts are where the Death Metal comes into
play. The slower more drawn out parts is where the Doom Metal is mostly present. The
guitars even have a bit of that dirty Sludge groove to them as well. The vocals are done in a
thick and groggy style that reminded me of Lemmy from
MOTORHEAD meets Mr. Lordi
LORDI. These guys even have some touches of Sleeze Rock in their sound as well. I
really like what these guys are doing, especially because
two of my favorite bands. If you dig these two bands and love Sludge Metal music, then
your going to love
RISING, because they deliver the goods, even though those goods
maybe covered in dirt and sludge!