Philadelphia's RUMPELSTILSKIN GRINDER are back with their third full length
release called "GHOSTMAKER". These guys have been a huge impact in the underground
scene since they formed in 2002. The band has done a few splits, live and 7 inch albums in
the past as well. Mostly grounded in the Thrash Metal genre these guys add much, much
more to their sound than the average Thrash Metal band. They take influences from old
school & new school Thrash Metal and melt them together to create their sound. The
music is ultra fast, violent and very heavy. The song arrangements are more involved than
most Thrash bands out there as well. Sometimes you can hear influences of Grindcore and
Death Metal in their sound. The vocals tend to crossover between Thrash & Death Metal
music as well. They are borderline Death growls, but with Thrash that you can understand.
These guys are one of the best bands to come out of the Philadelphia Metal scene in a long
time and "GHOST MAKER" is all the proof you need of that!