"THE SIEVE AND THE SAND" is the latest and unfortunately the final release from
this Arizona based band.
RUN WITH THE HUNTED has called it quits during the end
of 2014, but they have left behind some killer music for us to hold onto. They play a
mixture of Hardcore / Punk music that flows together with some other influences. The
majority of their sound falls on the Hardcore side, in my opinion. They have a bit of that
old meets new style with blending elements of both to create their sound. There is some
of that old school rawness and a bit of that D.I.Y. vibe. The music is really aggressive and
pissed off sounding. Then they roll into a more mid paced and almost grooved out style.
It was almost like an east coast meets west coast Hardcore vibe. The Punk elements come
in mostly in the attitude the music gives off. It has that basic no cares feel and harsh in
your face aggression. The vocals are done in a harsh Hardcore style that reminds me of a
lot of the newer Hardcore bands of today. If could see these guys doing really well at the
THIS IS HARDCORE FEST in Philadelphia. It's a shame that such a great
Hardcore band like
RUN WITH THE HUNTED has called it quits, because I would
love to have much more music from them!